Community Chapel and Bible Training Center

Community Chapel was a Pentecostal church which rejected the Christian doctrine of the Trinity. I was a member of it from 1978 to 1988. When I joined, I thought it was one of the best churches in the world, but to my bewilderment it split in 1988 while embroiled in some truly terrible scandals. In just a few years it became a mere shell of its former self and saw most of its members scattered to the winds. By 2006 it had dissolved completely.

During the course of that dissolution it became obvious to me that the teaching of the Chapel had been defective from the start, and that its founder and pastor, a man named Don Barnett, not only taught a doctrinally and historically twisted version of Christianity but was emotionally disturbed before he'd ever founded the Chapel. I see now that what he created at Community Chapel had nothing at all to do with real Christian faith but was a bizarre, dysfunctional caricature of it, more rooted in the desires and fears of his strange personal temperament than in anything else.

In the past, as I resolved the questions I was left with after the Chapel collapsed, and as I progressed in understanding why I had been susceptible to its fanatical, isolating beliefs, I spent a lot of time debating with fellow ex-Chapel members about my conclusions, spending more and more time on picking apart Chapel teaching and practice. While that debate was very fruitful for my thought in some respects, for the past few years I've found myself thinking it is better, while still being mindful of the lessons I learned from my Chapel experience about the damage false doctrine can do, to concentrate mainly on telling what I believe to be true instead. Here are the sites where I try to do that:

...but for those who are still interested, here are the links to the old Chapel site and to the blog where I do address Chapel topics when I feel the need: