The CCTBC Site

This site contains articles I've written about Christian faith, spirituality, and religion. It's named "The CCBTC Site" because the thinking I do today about these topics was decisively influenced by my experiences at a place called Community Chapel and Bible Training Center south of Seattle.

That was a Pentecostal church of which I was a member from 1978 to 1988. When I joined, I thought it was one of the best churches in the world, but to my bewilderment it split in 1988 while embroiled in several horrible scandals. In just a few years it saw most of its members scattered to the winds, becoming a mere shell of its former self. In 2006 the church that had once been Community Chapel, but was by then operating under a different name, dissolved completely and is no more.

During the course of its collapse it became obvious that the teaching of the Chapel had been defective from the start, and that its founder and pastor, a man named Don Barnett, not only taught a doctrinally and historically twisted version of Christianity but was emotionally disturbed before he'd ever founded the Chapel. I came to see that what he created at Community Chapel had nothing at all to do with real Christian faith but was a bizarre, dysfunctional caricature of it, more rooted in his own desires and fears than in anything else.

Eventually, having resolved the issues that had led me into the Chapel, I found my way back into a good church. That was more than ten years ago. So why do I have a Website referencing Community Chapel issues today? Why does all of this matter now?

It matters because people are, through their neediness, always being led by deceptive promises of experiencing intimacy and power with God into attractive but unstable forms of Christian faith which aren't as extreme as the Chapel but which nevertheless lead eventually to uncertainty and confusion. Then the choice is between quietly hiding it for a lifetime or succumbing to burn-out or despair, if not to outright abandonment of the faith. The truth needs to be told about such movements so that those caught up in them can find their way out of them into real faith in the real gospel of God's grace in Christ.

So here I present the most important lessons I learned from Community Chapel and Bible Training Center. Many have their origins in postings I made on one of several different online forums for ex-Chapel members in the years 1999-2009, and are modified versions of articles on my older Chapel site to which the link is given below in the box at the bottom of the page. Other articles here are new and don't relate to the Chapel directly, except as having behind them the benefit of my experiences there.

My old Chapel site is also available online here: Chapel Reflections.